Ilmoita service

The service allows you to register your company for a site and manage your employee and contact information. The service also lets you easily order Valtticards for your employees.

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For whom?

The service is for clients, i.e constructors, auxiliary contractors, project supervisors and contractors.

Company registration and sign-in

Unless you have already signed up as a user of the service start by creating a user account for your company. Sign into the Ilmoita service with your username and password. We recommend you use the Firefox, Google Chrome or Safari browsers.

Tax number verification

The service automatically verifies the existence of notified tax numbers in the Tax Administration’s tax number register. You can verify the correctness of tax numbers for all employees at once.

Information available for the entire contract chain

All necessary information is simultaneously made available to constructors, project supervisors and other involved parties. The information obligations can be fulfilled in the service or through our partners’ systems.

Ordering Valtticards

Every person working on a construction site is required to carry a personal ID card with a photo and the tax number. Valtticards are supplied in a package including a Valtti smart card with an electronic chip and the personal ID card required on the site. You can order additional cards from the Ilmoita service. If your company is not yet registered as a user of the service, register first.

Building Site Register

The Building Site Register collects the contract and employee information for each building site together and forwards it to the Tax Administration. The service also collects the employee list and site induction list, as well as archives the reported information for the legally stipulated period.

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For whom?

The service is for clients, that is, constructors, auxiliary contractors and project supervisors.

Information collected by Site Key

When a building site is created, it receives a unique Site Key. The Site Key is an identification code, which the client forwards to companies working on the site. The Site Key identifies the information to be sent to the Tax Administration for each building site individually.

Induct your employees

Employees being familiar with the requirements of the Occupational Safety and Health Act is a crucial part of the everyday work on a construction site. Vahti is a tool for the project supervisor to maintain the employee list and site induction data as required by the Occupational Safety and Health Act.